Delivering Outstanding Leadership Through Exceptional Decision-Making

The best decision-makers are the most likely to lead their organizations to outstanding performance and success. Yet leaders today face a variety of new obstacles that can undermine their ability to make timely, effective decisions.

Right now, you and your organization no doubt face three fundamental challenges that threaten your ability to respond to change, avoid threats and capitalize on opportunities:

1. The pressure to make decisions in the face of relentless change and growing uncertainty;

2. The difficulty of managing overwhelming volumes of data and—most importantly—identifying the information you need, when you need it; and

3. The constant push to innovate internally and externally to attract and serve an increasingly global body of clients, suppliers and partners.

Maybe you feel like you're coping and managing to come up with new strategies and make important decisions, but do you know how well those initiatives are being carried out? Are they producing the intended results?

You might be doing well in the midst of a poor economy, but will you know when it's time to shift into high gear as the business cycle bounces back? 

Will you be agile enough to keep new and existing competitors from getting there first and gaining market share at your expense?

How quickly will you spot successful innovations and drive them to maximum returns? How early will you recognize and deal with developing threats to your business and markets? Will your organization take the hits and respond to opportunities with energy and determination? Will stakeholders feel confident in how your organization is led and managed through recurrent waves of change?

Today, every organization must face the challenges of working in a dynamic environment. New competitors pop up overnight, markets shift quickly and constant innovation is crucial for success.

Having the right information at the right time to make the right decisions is essential. But good decisions aren't enough if they aren't carried out in a timely manner. The real challenge organizations and decision-makers face is shaped by a complex interaction of information, awareness, and culture.

Experience has taught me that many information systems are still designed around increasingly obsolete ways of doing business. Too often, the business universe is centered around those systems instead of revolving around the leaders and decision-makers of the enterprise. My experience and research demonstrate that certain aspects of modern socio-technical systems often undermine leadership, timely awareness and decision-making.

So what's the solution? A decision-support environment that is tuned to our age and a business culture that embraces change, promotes successful innovation and quickly redirects when new initiatives don't work out. What's needed, in other words, is an informed environment that is aware, responsive and decisive at its core.

If it's possible to look at information systems in a different way, based on what you and your enterprise need them to do, why aren't more businesses doing it?

In large part, it is because technology has driven change faster than we have been able to absorb its implications. The relentless pace is such that many organizations simply aren't able to adapt quickly enough to gain and retain a positive advantage. As a result, too many leaders continue to envision, manage and make decisions in environments that are more suited to the way markets worked decades ago, rather than today.

This is where my services can make a big difference.

I start with people, not technology. I help them understand the personal and mental challenges posed by the changing world around them. I help them understand the implications of change and find ways to thrive in a shifting environment.

Then we turn our attention to the environment itself, and how it informs, raises awareness and promotes innovative, outstanding performance. Why? Because in our highly dynamic global economy, your organization cannot hope to keep up the way businesses of our parents' generation did. They did not face the dual promise and peril of the Internet, social media, and a global marketplace that can shift seemingly in an instant. Technology and globalization have been game changers, and today's leaders need the right environment to differentiate themselves and their organizations from the competition.

Finally, I help you understand and fine-tune the culture that will drive your new skills, tools and powerful decision-making environment to achieve the organization's vision—your vision. When your business evolves a culture that embraces change and innovation, it will thrive even when some efforts fail (as they often do in any highly innovative environment). Your organization will channel energy to the most promising initiatives and quickly re-channel it away from those that fall short, all while encouraging continued innovation and preventing the paralysis that comes with fear of failure. 

I'm Ozzie Paez and this is what I bring to life for my clients.

It has been my practice for decades. It's what I write; it's what I research; and it's what I help my clients apply in the pursuit of their vision, their goals and their organization's ultimate success. I bring a unique perspective that illuminates strategy, leadership and management with the exciting possibilities of our age, even as I help leaders avoid the common pitfalls and traps that so often undermine the quality of today's decision-making.

I help my clients achieve their goals through a proven method that starts with figuring out where they are today and where they want to be tomorrow.

This is a highly contextual process that depends on the business itself, its leadership and its culture. What makes me unique is my passion for sharing insights, strategies and methods that allow my clients to adapt, innovate and thrive after I'm gone. No solution in our highly dynamic environment will survive unscathed for long, which is why I seek to deliver adaptable, sustainable skills. The insights I share have been gained over decades of hands-on work and research into the latest developments.

My goal is to leave in place the processes that will give you the sustained awareness, flexibility and agility to keep up with your constantly changing operational and competitive environments. This is what will differentiate your business from your competitors.

I can teach you how to put together the combination of culture, systems and methodologies that will enable you and your organization to adapt and thrive in the midst of change.

You'll learn to quickly recognize when things shift, identify important developments, determine their implications—and adapt so you can stay ahead of the story. This is the process that will give your business a real competitive advantage.

You can benefit from my proven lessons, methods and techniques for making and implementing informed, highly aware decisions. Contact me today to schedule a no-obligation, no-cost discussion.

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